ineo+ 3100P - The personal office printer

Compact colour printer complements larger office systems

Langenhagen, July 2014. Even in businesses that are well equipped with multifunctional office systems, there is often a need for a personal printer. A report may be required fast or a confidential document printed without it falling into the wrong hands. The new ineo+ 3100P from DEVELOP aims to meet the needs of office workers who need a fast and compact colour printer to complement larger multifunctional office systems. The latest addition to the ineo+ line-up prints in excellent quality and can help to reduce a company’s energy and paper consumption.

Productivity enhancer
A personal printer can be extremely useful when important documents have to be printed quickly or confidentially. That may be in a CEO’s office, a finance or human resources department, a small workgroup or a home office, e.g. for a sales rep. DEVELOP has launched its ineo+ 3100P to meet the need for a fast, compact and secure personal printer. In contrast to many older desktop printers, the powerful controller in the ineo+ 3100P processes jobs fast and prints at 31 pages per minute in colour or black and white. Moreover, this output speed is maintained in duplex printing mode. The compact dimensions of the ineo+ 3100P also mean that it will take up little room on a desk or office shelf.

Convenient addition
As a rule, mid-sized or large companies will have one or more multifunctional A3 office systems used by entire departments or large workgroups. That can sometimes cause delays or confidentiality issues. This is where the ineo+ 3100P network printer comes into its own by meeting the personal printing needs of individuals or smaller workgroups, and thus complementing any A3 system. The ineo+ 3100P uses the same state-of-the-art controller technology as the multifunctional systems from DEVELOP and thus can be seamlessly integrated as a satellite system into any large-scale print landscape. As the ineo+ 3100P also supports DEVELOP's Enterprise Suite tools, it can be equipped for various additional functions, such as print-job monitoring.

Power and paper saver
With businesses becoming increasingly conscious of the need to reduce their energy bill and paper consumption, the environmental qualities of the ineo+ 3100P are likely to prove an attractive feature. The printer works with eco-friendly HD polymerised toner, which is partly made from biomass and has a very low, energy-saving fusing temperature. The printer’s power consumption is generally low and in sleep mode it runs on a mere 3W. If used regularly, the printer's standard duplex function can also cut paper consumption to a significant extent. The latest Blue Angel and Energy Star awards indicate that the ineo+ 3100P comes with good energy efficiency and environmental credentials. All in all, this compact personal printer is interesting option where speed, confidentiality and environmental factors are key considerations. 

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